Coaching 2020

Coaching 2020

The strategy "Coaching 2020" is designed so that the sales manager becomes a coach.

The Coach dedicates 80% of his / her time generating profit through the sales force, the daily activities are focused on optimizing the follow-up to create appointments to increase the closing ratio of everyone. The Coach makes sure that every sales associate has the discipline to implement the “Daily work plan” generated by the DMS or CRM system of the sales department.

Incremental Business

“Coaching 2020” starts with a 2 day course at RG Loyalty offices, Sunrise, FL; where the sales manager learn how to implement sales process combined with LEAD management process, with great emphasis on human capital development. The monthly maintenance visits to the dealership are the key to the cultural change from manager to Coach.

Measures the Closing ratio

The coach monitors the sales associates through the “Motivation Board” where the appointments show and no-show are measured against the sales of new / used cars, the Coach has a continuous improvement action plan worked and monitored daily to optimize the closing ratio.

Follow-up work

After the course in Florida, the follow-up work continues with our consultants monthly visits of process maintenance. During the visits we work side by side with your sales force making the adjustments to achieve market share and profitability.

• The course is taught at our office located at Sawgrass Corporate Park, Sunrise Florida. The monthly process maintenance is the key the change the culture in your dealership.

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