Coaching Academy Florida

Coaching Academy Florida

The experience of the "Coaching Academy" is unique in its kind.

It is carried out mainly in our offices in Sawgrass Florida, using the exclusive method: "from the saying to the fact" that gives power to the learning and comprehension of the participants, it means that they receive theoretical training in the morning; During the afternoon, visits are made to distributors of different automotive brands, who practice the philosophy of "Coaching" and work the same processes.

The experience is highly enriching and productive, since the participants can ask questions of some of the best "Coaches" and sellers of the world, receiving advice from real life, about problems and aspects in force at the global level. All the above checks the theory.

The objective is to create awareness to initiate the "culture change".

The "Coaches" must work on generating profit 80% of the time and 20% administering. All the business centers of a distributor can be profitable and must operate under the philosophy of "coaching" where the leadership of the manager is achieved working shoulder to shoulder and developing productive people in their teams. During the "Coaching Academy", participants acquire the vision of working as a team, and exploit the opportunities of departments that may be even more profitable.

Coaching Academy

Those attending the Coaching Academy are mainly:

Owners or shareholders of distributors, key members in the organization, such as: Directors, General Managers, Commercial Managers, Comptrollers, New Managers, Seminuevos, F & I and Outstanding Vendors, Representatives of strategic areas of OEMs and Captive Automotive Financial.

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